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Julie Schumacher – Dear Committee Members

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March 29, 2019

To whom it may concern,

It is with utmost pleasure that I offer my unreserved recommendation for Jason Fitger as your next favorite literary anti-hero. 

Granted, I’ve only just met this energetic professor of English and Creative Writing at Payne University, but even this slight acquaintance with him is enough to know that he will win over avid readers looking for a great read. His witty and often passive-aggressive remarks make this epistolary novel a solid contender.

I can only applaud a person like professor Fitger, who in remembrance of classical heroes, unrelentingly navigates the labyrinthine depths of the academic bureaucracy. If he sets his mind on a task, you can rest assured that he will not seize his efforts until it is completed. Not neglecting his main task of writing letters of recommendation, he also finds the time to teach his classes, advise the Chair of the English Department, further the career of promising graduate students, and pursue his ex wife.

“One theory here: the deanery is annoyed with our requests for parity and, weary of waiting for us to retire, has decided to kill us. Let the academic year begin!” 

Jason Fitger soldiers on, even though he is daily affronted by the consequences of the disproportional allocation of funds to the various departments of Payne University. Of course, he also has his weaknesses, for he is just a man. In times of stress or inebriation, he is not always as discreet as he should be. He can be inflexible in his opinions, borderline rigid even. But professor Fitger is also a self-aware man, who will keep his word as best as he is able. 

While writing this letter, I have realized that most readers are looking for a literary hero that is greater than life, or at the very least hails from a book that has been read by one and all. Knowing it is improbable that I will be able to convince most common readers, I appeal to you, avid reader unlike any other, to embrace Jason Fitger in your heart. I assure you that he will not disappoint. 

Forever rooting for the dark horse, I remain, 

Affectionally yours,

Fierce reader

Image by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash