About me or, what on earth is this blog all about

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Fierce reading? I am Sanne and I am a fierce reader. I read because I breath. I have been reading for as long as I can remember and if something contains letters, I will read it. When I was young I would go to the library as much as possible (that means every time my mom went there), getting ten books at a time. Then, of course, came puberty and secondary school. This was the start of a slump in my reading that lasted through university. These years, the wilderness years, where not devoid of reading of course. I had to read a lot of books for ‘the list’ and write book reports about them. But boy did the required reading list and those book reports squeeze out the fun for me. It took me a while to recover. But recover I did and I am back to being a fierce reader. 

What about the blog? I enjoy talking about books and recommending books to other people. And as most readers, I also have the lingering dream of one day, maybe, writing a book myself. So to practice my writing, I decided to write about the one subject that will never tire me: books. I write about the books that I enjoyed and books that disappointed or surprised me. I will write about the reasons why I will think that you will enjoy the book, or why I would recommend you to skip the book altogether. Sometimes what I write will not even be about the book, but will be in the spirit of it, just because I enjoyed it.

Should you follow my advice with regards to books? Definitely not. I have been known to be the only person in my surroundings to enjoy a book (Oscar and Lucinda – Peter Carey), or dislike a book that got really good ratings (What is the what – Dave Eggers, an average of 4.16 on goodreads.com). A book should be enjoyed. Whether it is a literary masterpiece or not does not really factor in to it, as is the opinion of other people. But, who knows, we might have the same taste in books.  

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